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what is tadber centers ?

The term 'Tadbeer' (Arabic: تدبير‎) originates from the word tadabbar, which means 'to provide assistance'. Tadbeer is the UAE's domestic worker hiring system, which is designed to connect prospective employers with qualified domestic workers from India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Ethiopia. Tadbeer Center is a respected destination for UAE residents seeking legal domestic helpers and homeowners looking for flawless home projects. Our immense dedication since 1995 has assisted numerous individuals in finding and booking top-notch home professionals for all their repair, renovation, and improvement needs. Our constantly expanding network of over 200,000 skilled local businesses has made Tadbeer Center a dependable partner for confident homeowners and ambitious home service professionals.

what is your right

What are the legal rights of household workers and service helpers?

How much is a housemaid visa in the UAE?

What is the age permitted for domestic helpers in Dubai?

What is the minimum salary for maid visa?

What is the salary of maid in UAE?

Is this site connected with tadbeer center List?

How are businesses and agencies added to our platform?

What is the our Code of Conduct?


As a new member, what are my membership options?

I paid for a membership on tadbeer center List. Do I still have access to my benefits on Angi?

What is tadbeer magazine?

How do I cancel my Silver or Gold membership?

Pricing and Payments

Is our site free to use?

Yes, our platform provides the ability to compare and research local service professionals, book home services, and request project quotes, all at no cost. Our revenue is generated from three sources: service professionals who advertise their services on Tadbeer Center, paid memberships which grant homeowners access to discounted home services, and our Services where projects are booked and completed through our website.

How do I know I’m getting a transparent price?

Is financing available for my project?

How do I redeem a promo code?

Pro Badges, Ratings, and Reviews

Can I save my review as a draft?

What are star ratings and reviews?

What is the super service award? And how do pros earn it?

How do I know I can trust the reviews I read on tadbeer center ?

Can I write a review without joining tadbeer center ?

Does tadbeer accept anonymous reviews?

What are the Reviews Community Guidelines?

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    Pro Certification and Screening

    How do pros become tadbeer center Certified?

    To qualify for tadbeer certification and advertise services and discounts on our site, businesses must maintain an average rating of 3 stars or higher with at least one review. New advertisers on Angi will be identified as "New to tadbeer" until they have achieved a 3 or more star rating and received at least one review. The business owner, principal, or relevant manager must pass a criminal background check and attest to maintaining all applicable state and local licenses to enter our network. Failure to maintain these requirements will result in the revocation of certification and advertising.

    How often does tadbeer perform criminal background checks?

    Does every pro undergo a background check?

    How can I tell that a pro has passed a background check?

    Can I be assured that every pro who comes to my house has been through Angi’s background check?

    What happens if a business fails a background check?

    How do I know that a business is licensed, bonded and insured?

    What does it mean to be licensed, bonded, and insured?

    How can I report a concern about a pro in the tadbeer network?

    How do businesses receive ratings and reviews?

    Project Support

    What if something goes wrong with my project?

    How do I contact the tadbeer support team?

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      Security and Account Management

      How do I change my password?

      On March 17, 2021, to change your password, kindly log in to your account and navigate to Manage My Account in the menu. You will see the option to alter your password under Personal Details. If you don't recall your password, please select the Send Sign-In Link option at log-in. We will send you an email containing a link that you can use to sign in without entering a password.

      Does tadbeer sell or share my personal information?

      How do I know the tadbeer site is secure?

      How do I unsubscribe from tadbeer emails?

      Why do I need to authenticate my account before connecting with a pro?

      Site Tools and Displays

      How are pros displayed in search results?

      Can pros advertise on tadbeer?

      Why can’t I find the specific pro I’m looking for on tadbeer?

      How does tadbeer help me find pros?

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