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6 Things to Ask About Before Hiring a Cleaning Professional

6 Things to Ask About Before Hiring a Cleaning Professional

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Keeping a clean home environment isn’t just about how it looks. It’s also about good health and better comfort. A clean home can help with both!

We know that it takes time to clean a home right, and that is why many homeowners call us.

Hiring a house cleaning service is an excellent solution if you don’t have the time or the energy to do it yourself. And it is more affordable than you might think! Read the list below to see a few things that you should always consider when hiring a house-cleaning professional.


1. A Trusted Reputation

Look for 4 or 5-star Google ratings in their reviews. Their ratings are indicators of good service, and written testimonials from past clients (seen in the review section) are also good to read. It tells you what you can expect when they visit your home and clean.

2. Has the Tools and the Training to do the Job

The best professional cleaning services are well-equipped to deliver all your home-cleaning needs. From tidying up your living areas, to polishing your bathrooms, and cleaning the kitchen, they should bring what it takes to do the job. They should also have skilled people for the job.

3. Ask if they Use Environment-friendly Products

Investing in cleaning services that use green cleaning products that are eco-friendly is really important. Some of the sprays are toxic if inhaled or swallowed and can be very harmful. Ask what they use to clean with.

4. Good Communication

Does your cleaning crew let you know the day and time they are coming over? Are they proactive and also detailed in asking you for specific instructions? Professionals committed to delivering quality service will offer ways to communicate and also offer feedback options, too.

5. Are they Bonded and Insured?

One key sign of quality cleaning services is if they have liability insurance and employee bonds. These will protect you and the cleaners from liability, in case someone was injured while cleaning your property, or if some items in your property get damaged.

6. Has A Friendly & Trustworthy Staff 

Your team will be at your home and possibly around your children or animals, so it’s very important that you feel comfortable talking to them, and trust them to work at your home and around your family. It is also very important that they go through a background check before they enter your home, and that it shows no issues. Our staff is vetted and approved and then trained to do cleaning in the proper way.

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