How to Reduce Allergens & Dust in Your Home

How to Reduce Allergens & Dust in Your Home

Your home should be a place of comfort, where you can unwind and relax after a long day. However, many people go home to a dusty, dirty, or cluttered home that is not conducive to being a place of relaxation.

Your home should be a place of comfort, where you can unwind and relax after a long day. However, many people go home to a dusty, dirty, or cluttered home that is not conducive to being a place of relaxation.

It is a fact: the more things you have in your home, and the more people you have in your home, the longer it takes to maintain a cleaner space. If your home is cluttered and dusty, then there are allergens and irritants that can make you sick and tired. However, dust, dirt, and pet dander are pollutants that we can control.
Read this list of tips that you can use to reduce those allergens and irritants in your home, and live cleaner and happier.

Change the Air Filters in the Home
Dust and pet hair will get trapped in your air filters (allergens). The vents pull in dust and hair from the floors every time the heat or air comes on. To keep dust and odors under control, you should change these twice a year

The air filters trap dust and hair, but they can’t circulate fresh air if you don’t change the filters twice a year

Thoroughly Dust Your Home
Dusting is a nuisance, we know! But if dust is not removed, it can build up quickly! It only takes a few weeks for the dust to build up, and then turn on a ceiling fan or open a door and it will swirl and spin across the room.

The best way to dust is to capture it in a microfiber cloth or a damp cloth. Get the dust on every surface, each table, on the counters, and in the corners of every room. It makes a difference in how clean your room will be!

De-Clutter Your Home
We know that people love collectibles but displaying them on a shelf collects dust. Consider minimizing your collectibles and just displaying what is the most important ones. Many times, our collections can overtake a room (or the house!) without us realizing it, leaving no space to even set down a book.11:20
If your bookshelves are full, your closets are full, and your basement is full, it may be time to donate some things and get some space back.
If your room has no spare space, and no “clear space” free from decorations or trinkets, consider cutting back and putting some away. Every room needs a little blank space to free the mind!

Use an Air Purifier
Some people use their air-purifier daily, and when we go into a home with one, it does smell clean! Air purifiers catch allergens and pollutants that your air filter cannot.
Air filters are affordable and are much smaller than they used to be! If you want to cut down on odors and allergens in your home, we highly suggest an air purifier.

Leave Your Shoes at the Door
Shoes track in a lot of dust and dirt. If you can set a shoe tray or shoe shelf by the door to store your shoes, it will help keep new dust from being tracked in the home. Many homeowners do this as a daily practice, and it certainly helps keep the dirt by the door! If you have young children, you will appreciate this method of housekeeping even more, plus it helps you find your child’s shoes even faster when its time to go.

Vacuum Once Per Week
We know that vacuuming is one of the top things that people don’t like to do around the house. However, it really does help to keep down the dust in the home! It picks up surface dirt, hidden dirt in carpets, and dust on the floor. (It also stirs up dust) Our 2 tips for good vacuuming is: (1) go slow to allow the vacuum to do its job. Move it back and forth slowly before sliding it over. (2) Dust the house after you vacuum, to get rid of any dust that the vacuum stirred up.

Wash Bedding At Least Every Two Weeks
We spend a lot of our time sleeping and lounging in the bed. We sit on the bed to get dressed, sort laundry on the bed, pack suitcases on the bed, and more. Our bedding will hold dust mites, dirt, and pet dander, and germs. We suggest you wash your bedding at least every two weeks to keep that area clean and fresh. And the reward is clean, fresh sheets to climb into when its bedtime!

Clean Your Furniture
People often forget to clean the cloth or leather in their furniture. But it’s an important task to keep up with The fabric in your sofa, chairs, and recliners do get very dirty! It can hold dust mites, pet dander, and even mold spores.
You can vacuum the surface of the furniture with the hose attachment or wipe them down (leather sofas) with a microfiber cloth. Your home will smell fresh and clean if you dust, vacuum, and wipe down the fabric in the living area.

Invest In a maid service to help you maintain a clean home
If weekly cleaning tasks are not fun for you, call us! Our services include vacuuming, wiping down surfaces, dusting, cleaning mirrors and bathrooms, cleaning kitchens, mopping. Disposing of the garbage, and so much more!

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