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Emirates International Center for Domestic Workers

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 Emirates International Center for Domestic WorkersOverview:
The Emirates International Center for Domestic Workers (EICDW) is a premier recruitment and also  training institution dedicated to providing top-quality domestic workers to households across the United Arab Emirates. Established with a commitment to excellence, EICDW ensures that every domestic worker is highly skilled, trustworthy, and also well-prepared to meet the diverse and unique needs of families.
Recruitment: EICDW offers a comprehensive recruitment service, sourcing domestic workers from various countries and matching them with families based on specific requirements and preferences. The center ensures that all candidates undergo a thorough background check and vetting process.
Training: The center provides extensive training programs, covering areas such as housekeeping, cooking, childcare, elder care, and first aid. This training ensures that domestic workers are well-equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to perform their duties efficiently and safely.
Support: EICDW offers ongoing support to both domestic workers and employers, including mediation services, contract management, and professional advice to ensure a harmonious working relationship. The center is dedicated to resolving any issues that may arise and maintaining a high standard of service.

Why Choose EICDW:

Professionalism: EICDW maintains high standards of professionalism in all aspects of its operations, from recruitment and training to support services. The center prides itself on its transparent processes and also ethical practices.
Integrity: The center is committed to ethical practices. Ensuring transparency and fairness in all dealings with domestic workers and also employers. EICDW strives to build trust and reliability through honest and open communication.
Quality: With a rigorous selection process and also comprehensive training programs. EICDW guarantees the placement of competent, reliable, and well-trained domestic workers. The center continually updates its training curriculum to keep pace with the evolving needs of households. Choose Emirates International Center for Domestic Workers for a seamless and also dependable domestic staffing solution. Ensuring peace of mind, enhanced quality of life, and the utmost satisfaction for your household.

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