What is Musaned?

What is Musaned?

Once the employer agrees to hire the domestic worker, the employer will ask the worker to provide information such as name, passport number, passport photo, and phone number. Then both parties can sign a contract online using the Musaned e-contracting service.


To facilitate foreign domestic helpers applying for a visa to work in the country. The Ministry of Labor and Social Development of Saudi Arabia released an electronic platform named Musaned in 2015. It features immediate approval once requirements are fulfilled. Dramatically reducing the duration of tedious waiting employers have to go through before. The platform enables employers to easily and quickly obtain an electronic visa for helpers.

An integrated electronic system put out by the country’s ministry. Musaned focuses on enabling procedures for the recruitment of domestic workers to be smoother and protecting the rights of all parties involved to a greater extent. The digital platform is the predecessor of all the programs. Projects, and initiatives which aim at enhancing the environment of the domestic labor industry in Saudi Arabia.

The three major processes in the domestic labor sector are => first. The pre-arrival of the worker; second, the contractual process; and third. The arrival of workers in Saudi Arabia. Musaned is meant to automate the contractual process. As it is the most extensive scope, transforming it from manual to digital. The digitized process would save people’s trips to the government office. It integrated three components; e-visa, e-contracting, and e-Tawtheeq (attestation). Employers are now able to get a visa for helpers at any time.

The platform also has an online recruitment service. Upon visa approval, employers can log in to the online portal or launch the Musaned app to contract with the service provider. The platform has all the accredited agencies listed with it. And they can go and search for the one suitable for them. Then, complete the contractual process with that agency online without meeting the agent in person.

The platform is available in English or Arabic. There are several tools that both employers and domestic workers may find helpful =>

    \u2022A list of licensed recruitment agencies 

    \u2022Locations of government offices and their  services

   \u2022Query on the status of the visa application

   \u2022 Eligibility check for a domestic work visa

    \u2022FAQs on applying for a work visa, rights, and law on domestic labor

The platform provides transparent and valuable information regarding domestic workers in the country. This is a positive step from the Saudi Arabia government to protect the rights of domestic workers and address other issues relevant to household work. 

What to do before applying for a work visa?

Employers would have to register on the Absher system first and pay SAR 2000 (USD 533) for the domestic worker visa fee via Sadad or an ATM before uploading an application. Furthermore, make sure to pay off all traffic violation fines before applying. 

How much is it to apply for the e-visa?

In addition to the SAR 2000 visa fee. The employer must also pay SAR 150 (USD 40) for the cost of the electronic service for issuing the visa via Musaned. No fees are charged to domestic helpers in the process. 

Fees for Hiring Filipino Domestic Helpers Dropped by 50%

In September 2019, the ministry launched a new service called Maaroufah. Through its Musaned portal to facilitate and also organize recruitment procedures and to provide high-level services for recruiting domestic help from the Philippines. An employer can now hire a Filipino domestic worker by spending a fixed amount of SAR 8,850 (USD 2,360). Under the new scheme, the recruitment process will take 45 days, provided a citizen chooses the worker’s name. This service will enable the beneficiary to obtain a visa for a Filipino domestic worker.

How does it work?

Once the employer agrees to hire the domestic worker. The employer will ask the worker to provide information such as name, passport number, passport photo, and phone number. Then both parties can sign a contract online using the Musaned e-contracting service.

The Musaned system and the Maaroufah scheme have greatly benefited domestic helpers. Search for your foreign domestic worker now on HelperChoice!

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